Vine Cracks Down On Content

Vine content runs the gamut from interesting snippets of everyday life — a sort of extension on the memories created with a snapshot — to elaborate animations or carefully planned short video-form stories. Amongst all the offerings lies an underbelly of raunchy content, however, something Vine is cracking down on.

It doesn't take much thought to guess how some users are utilizing Vine, and such content threatens the nature of the looping video service, something it is taking action to prevent. Though the company assures its users that such explicit Vines surface from a very small subset of its users, a new change in policy will help safeguard against them.

Both the Terms of Service and Rules have been changed to reflect Vine's stance on adult content — the company says it doesn't, at whatever personal level a company is capable of, have a problem with that kind of content, just that it doesn't want it made available through its service. To help those who may be toeing the line, Vine has laid out a list of examples of what does and doesn't fly.

In addition, current users are being encouraged to report any Vines that violate the new ToS and Rules, which can be done via the three-dot selector under the post. This follows the company's first birthday, which it celebrated with a hashtag campaign back in January.