Vimeo is making 4K available -- for download

If you're fond of 4K, we don't blame you. The intense resolution makes for some cinematic brilliance, and new avenues for viewing 4K are popping up all the time. New monitors and TVs can display 4K, and service providers like Netflix are working to distribute it broadly. Now, Vimeo is getting in on the 4K action, but not as you might think. Videographers can upload 4K content, but we the consumer can't stream it. Vimeo is offering 4K, but it's download-only.

Why not stream it? Vimeo thinks it's a bit early to think about 4K streaming via their service. According to Vimeo CTO Andrew Pile, there just aren't many devices that can stream in 4K.

Pile is probably specifically referencing Vimeo's user statistics. Vimeo might be found via the desktop, but an increasing number of users are sourcing their content via mobile. Vimeo recently updated their mobile site in an effort to get more users engaged and involved.

Vimeo is hopeful for the immediate future of 4K streaming, though, saying the new iMac is going to be a "turning point" for streaming 4K content.

For now, Vimeo is happy to offer the 4K content already being uploaded to their service for download. Most 4K content can be found via Vimeo's VOD store, where much of the high resolution videos are shot with Red cameras.

Source: GigaOM