Netflix's 4k streaming prices climb for new users

Netflix has busied itself with a myriad of projects, many of the most recent ones revolving around theatrical movies that will either exclusively appear on the video service, or will launch on the service at the same time as traditional cinemas. That hasn't sat well with many in the industry, but consumers have expressed excitement about the shift in how entertainment is delivered. What consumers might be less excited about, however, is the newest change that Netflix has been very quiet about.

You'll recall that Netflix has worked on getting 4k-resolution content for its subscribers with the right displays to utilize it. That is a welcomed addition, but with it comes a price — literally. It seems the streaming video company has quietly jacked up prices for those who wish to stream Ultra HD content.

The folks over at HD Guru contacted Netflix over the increase in pricing, and received back details from a company spokesperson who says subscribers who wish to stream 4k content will be paying $11.99 monthly for the service, an increase over the previous pricing of $7.99.

Those who signed up for such streaming before August 12 will have their rate locked to the current $7.99 USD rate for two years, with it ending in 2016. Says HD Guru, based on the information it got from Netflix, the new plan will allow for up to four devices to be playing content at the same time.