Viliv X70 arrives at Newegg; more expensive than rivals

Chris Davies - Sep 21, 2009, 5:21am CDT

If there’s one thing capitalism has taught us, it’s that competition is usually good for prices.  Newegg have just joined Dynamism in offering the Viliv X70 UMPC, the 7-inch Korean touchscreen tablet, which you’d expect to mean prices were pushed down.  Unfortunately Newegg don’t seem to have got that memo; their prices are actually a little more expensive than the existing offers.

Newegg have three X70 models to choose from, starting at $599.99 for the 1.20GHz Atom Z515 “Express P”, then the $729.99 “Premium P”, and finally the $879.99 “Premium 3GP”.  Unfortunately Dynamism’s prices are all a couple of bucks cheaper, plus they’re offering free accessories and even a CPU upgrade on the entry-level model.  Nice try, Newegg; how about a quick price slash to show you love us?

[via Laptoping]

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