Viliv X7 & X10 Android tablets and X70 Windows 7 slate due at CES 2011

Viliv has joined the crowd of companies promising tablets for CES 2011 next month, with both Android and Windows 7 models promised. The Viliv X7 Android Tablet and X10 Android Tablet are billed as offering "anywhere connectivity" (suggesting 3G or perhaps even 4G wireless) and the "longest battery life" respectively, with the X7 presumably having a 7-inch display while the X10 has a confirmed 10.2-inch display.

Meanwhile the Viliv X70 Windows 7 slate is described as the "most slim and light Windows 7 based tablet in the world". The previous-gen X70 has a 7-inch touchscreen and measures 210 x 117 x 22.5 mm while tipping the scales at 660g.

We've already seen the X10 previewed at Computex 2010 earlier this year, complete with 1080p from an HDMI port as well as optional 3G and/or WiMAX. Still to be revealed is what processor the slate runs, as well as that of its presumably 7-inch X7 sibling.

[via jkkmobile]