Viliv S5 MID gets StreetDeck PND video demo

Viliv are certainly going all-out to position their S5 MID as the do-all multipurpose device, and the latest role we see the 4.8-inch touchscreen marvel playing is PND.  StreetDeck have released a video showing the S5 running their in-car navigation and entertainment software, and it adds up to an impressive package.Video demo after the cut

StreetDeck obviously offers GPS navigation, but it also has a media player and image viewer, and gesture-based navigation.  To access the video player, for instance, you draw a big "V" on the touchscreen and it automatically flips to it; the responsiveness seems very fast.

The video is also a good demonstration of the S5's own abilities; resuming from standby in less than five seconds is particularly impressive, as is the claimed GPS signal acquisition speed, and of course we already know it has multiple connectivity options.  StreetDeck and the S5 could be the killer combination for Viliv launching their MID in the US; the MID alone is going to cost around $649 when it launches in March, and StreetDeck claim it will cost $700 with the software and carkit.

[via jkkmobile]