Viliv S10 Blade factory delay: won't ship until April 27th

Bad news if you've set your heart on a Viliv S10 Blade, with word coming from importer Dynamism that the convertible touchscreen netbook has been delayed from its original April 22nd ship date.  The retailer is now showing various estimates, ranging from April 27th for the Atom Z530 models with the 64GB SSD, through to May 10th for the Atom Z550 variants.

The 32GB SSD models, which have an Atom Z530 CPU, are delayed until May 5th, while the entry-level machine – with a 60GB hard-drive and Windows XP rather than Windows 7 as found on the other S10 versions – is due May 7th.  No word on the exact cause of the schedule change beyond that the S10 Blade has been "delayed by the factory", according to an email sent to a preorder customer.

[via Engadget]