ViewSonic N01 3G MID spotted

ViewSonic's deluge of new products back in July failed to include a MID or UMPC style device, but it seems they were merely waiting for the holidays to arrive in order to roll out just such a model.  The ViewSonic N01 is a reasonably striking MID with a 1.1GHz Intel Atom Z510 processor, 1GB of RAM and a scant 10GB of onboard storage; it also has integrated 3G connectivity along with a TV tuner and Windows XP.

There are cameras front and back – presumably for video calls and general photography, respectively – and what looks to be an optical mouse on the right-hand bezel; the mouse buttons are on the left, while there's a scroll-wheel built into the top right-hand corner.  It's not entirely clear how large the display is, but the current guesstimate is 6- to 7-inches.

We're hoping that, as a brand with a pretty strong foothold in the US and Europe already, ViewSonic will have little trouble launching the N01 MID outside of China rather than leaving matters to importers.  No word on pricing as yet, nor release date.

[via Pocketables]