ViewSonic adds Flash Player to GTab slate

Chris Davies - Apr 16, 2011
ViewSonic adds Flash Player to GTab slate

It’s obviously the weekend for Android updates; first Samsung’s Gingerbread for the Galaxy S, and now a ViewSonic tweak for the company’s GTab Android slate. The latest OTA update isn’t anything as dramatic as a core OS update, but it does add Flash Player support to the 10-inch tablet.

In addition, there’s support for USB keyboard and mouse, which should make content creation on the GTab more straightforward. ViewSonic has also added a couple of new languages, an energy-saving lock screen and support for an external docking station.

The GTab update is being delivered OTA, and owners of the tablet should get a notification in the top bar that the new software is available when they next power-cycle or turn on.

[Thanks n900mixalot!]

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