Video: Tesla Model X seen in California highway testing

Tesla's Model X is a snazzy new SUV that's set to arrive in the driveways of those who bought one (without even driving it!) later this year. If all goes according to plan, the third quarter of 2015 should see the Model X hit the road, officially. Unofficially, we've seen the Model X tested in semi-private locations. Again, unofficially, we're now seeing the Model X tested in a very public way, as one lucky sleuth caught the Model X on test near Palo Alto, California. On the highway!

As you can see in the video below, there's no mistaking it — that's a Model X. If you were wondering what it might look like on the road, there you go!

Recently, some spy shots of the Model X have popped up here and there, but many cast doubt on their validity.

Video, though — hard to look past that. You can clearly see the Tesla branding on the rear, and the overall look of the SUV is very much Model X. Also, there's no engine noise to speak of, even when the window is rolled down.

We don't quite know software tweaks may arrive with the Model X just yet, but Tesla recently updated their Model S with some nifty changes. We do know there will be an AWD upgrade, so we're hoping to see a Tesla Model S vs Model X snow race soon.

Via: Venture Beat