Video of Asus Eee PC T91 touch interface surfaces

We have already talked a bit about the new Asus Eee PC T91 multi touch netbook. Certainly, the coolest feature of the netbook is the multi-touch capability and the custom Asus UI that sits on top of Windows 7 to allow navigation of content on the machine.

A video of the touch interface in action has surfaced this week and it looks very cool even to my jaded eyes. The netbook itself will have an 8.9-inch screen and will be a convertible tablet device. The netbook will run the Intel Atom 520 CPU and sport 1GB of RAM.

Maximum supported RAM is 2GB and storage is to a SSD with 32GB capacity. The netbook runs Windows 7 Home Premium as the operating system. I am very impressed by the polished look and style of the interface Asus has created for the machine. Check out the video below.