Video leak shows off claimed iPhone 13 Pro Max cases

Later this month, Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone models officially. There has been some debate on what the iPhone models will be called, with some rumors suggesting iPhone 12S and others suggesting iPhone 13. Considering the number 13 has unlucky and negative connotations in some cultures, some thought Apple might skip that number and call its 2021 model iPhones something else.

However, a new video leak has turned up on Twitter, showing what is claimed to be a number of silicone cases that clearly show iPhone 13 Pro Max branding. As Apple packaging typically is, the boxes are very simple, and the only lettering we can see is the iPhone 13 Pro Max name along with silicone case and MagSafe branding.

It's worth noting that nowhere in any of the packages can we clearly see an Apple logo. From the number of cases, it would appear that these are sitting in a warehouse or distribution center somewhere ready for shipment. Typically, there are accessories available as soon as the phone itself hits the market. Whether or not these are actual Apple cases is unknown.

These could simply be nothing more than third-party company betting on the official name for the next iPhone generation. However, even if these aren't official Apple cases, we know Apple routinely shares details with accessory makers allowing them to have cases ready as soon as the new iPhones ship.

There have been several iPhone rumors turning up in recent weeks. One of the more interesting iPhone rumors suggests the iPhone 13 range will have low earth orbit satellite support. That feature will allow users to make calls in areas with no traditional cellular coverage. That would also be a feature that would be extremely appealing to people who spend a lot of time in the outdoors or who live in rural areas.