Video Game actually saves marriage

Many have heard the horror stories of video games ruining marriages and several gamers have had at least slight conflicts over their gaming habits. Well now there is an actual success story about a video game saving a marriage instead of destroying it.

Rock Band being the specific game, saved one woman's quickly failing marriage. She was not at all a gamer and her husband got so absorbed that it was impossible to even get his attention to ask a simple question. Leaving her frustrated,  that was until her husband brought home the shiny new Rock Band box.

He bought it to give them something to do together, which definitely gives him extra points for making an effort to solve their issues.  After she picked up the drum sticks she was immediately an addict and since they have found a game they can enjoy together she has found it much easier to relate to his video game habits. You can read the full story here.

[via joystiq]