VIA’s Nano high-def claims questioned as Atom gets a video rebuttal

Chris Davies - Aug 4, 2008

Earlier on today we posted about VIA’s anti-Atom video in which the company demonstrated their OpenBook reference design going head to head with an ASUS Eee in a battle of 1080p playback.  VIA’s stance was that their 1.3GHz processor was better at rendering the high-definition video than Intel’s 1.6GHz chip, and sure enough the Eee juddered along while the OpenBook was smooth.  Now, though, jkkmobile have thrown a spanner into the VIA works, with their own video of an Atom-powered Eee playing the same video clip originally used but without any problems.

Check out the video after the cut

In case you want to try it on your own netbook, the clip is Robotica from Microsoft’s high-def showcase.  It apparently isn’t running well on Celeron-powered machines (such as the original Eee 900-series)

Did VIA have a bad Eee?  I find it hard to believe they would’ve tweaked things to make the Atom machine underperform, knowing that this sort of test only really appeals to the sort of tech-fanatic who will want to go and test it out for themselves.

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