Via ship Pico-ITX micro-motherboard

Chris Davies - May 22, 2007, 2:39pm CDT

We wrote about the Pico-ITX form-factor back in January, calling Via’s 100 x 72mm motherboard “the new standard” in micro computing; well, the first design to hit the shelves is the EPIA PX10000G, complete with a 1GHz C7 CPU and support for up to 1GB of SDRAM.


VIA Pico-ITX case reference design

Despite the small size, it doesn’t skimp on processing or connectivity.  An onboard 2D/3D graphics chip and hardware MPEG-2/4 and WMV9 decoding means that the PX10000G can happily support HD DVD resolution, while audio is taken care of with Via’s own VT1708A codec.

Ports include:

  • 4 x USB2.0 (pin headers)
  • COM port connector
  • PS2 mouse/keyboard (pin header)
  • LVDS/DVI connector
  • Multimedia connector — supports external TV-out interface, video capture port interface, and low-pin-count interface (requires an add-on card)
  • Audio pin header — line-out, line-in, mic-in, S/PDIF in, and 7.1 channels audio output
  • CPU fan (pin header)
  • Pico-iTX power connector
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • VGA

The board is available, initially in limited numbers to developers, this month.

Via ships “world’s smallest mainboard” [Linux Devices]

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