VIA Nano 3000 CPUs promise speed & frugality for thin-and-lights

VIA have announced their latest range of low-power processors, the VIA Nano 3000 Series, which are targeted at Windows 7-based thin-and-light notebooks and all-in-one desktops.  The Nano 3000 chips are 64-bit and range in core speed from 1GHz to 2GHz; each is capable of 1080p HD video playback but use up to 20-percent less power than current VIA Nano processors.

Of the six initial 3000 Series SKUs – listed in the gallery below – four have an idle power draw of just 100mW; the two top-speed versions (at 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz) require 500mW.  The chips are pin-for-pin compatible with previous VIA CPU sockets, including the C7, C7-M and Eden.

Mass production is expected to kick off in Q1 2010, with sampling to manufacturers already taking place.  Given the rapid movement in the CULV/thin-and-light segment from both Intel and AMD, it's looking like power-frugal ultraportables are the niche to watch in the new year.

Press Release:

VIA Introduces New VIA Nano 3000 Series Processors

VIA's fastest and most power efficient processors yet deliver richest mobile and all-in-one desktop computing experience

Taipei, Taiwan, 3 November 2009 – VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today introduced its new VIA Nano 3000 Series processors, bringing enhanced digital media performance and lower power consumption to Windows 7 thin and light notebook and all-in-one desktop PC markets.

Based on the 64-bit superscalar 'Isaiah' architecture, VIA Nano 3000 Series processors deliver the most compelling thin and light notebook computing experience with their rich HD entertainment capabilities, including support for flawless playback of high bit-rate 1080p HD video, as well as low power consumption resulting in longer battery life.

With a host of advanced features including 64-bit support, advanced CPU virtualization technology, SSE4 for enhanced multimedia processing, and the industry-leading encryption and security capabilities integrated in the VIA PadLock™ Security Engine, VIA Nano 3000 Series processors also provide a secure, high-performance solution for emerging cloud-based computing environments.

"With the VIA Nano 3000 Series, we are launching our fastest and most power-efficient processors yet," commented Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "Coupled with our market-leading digital media chipsets, they enable the richest experience across a broad range of mobile and all-in-one system designs."

VIA Nano 3000 Series

VIA Nano 3000 Series processors are built on the successful 64-bit, superscalar architecture that powers the VIA Nano 1000 Series and 2000 Series processors, which have been adopted by leading OEMs worldwide for a growing number of market-leading mini-note, small form factor desktop, and energy-efficient server designs.

Available at speeds from 1.0GHz to 2.0GHz, VIA Nano 3000 Series processors deliver up to 20% higher performance using up to 20% less power than current VIA Nano processors and boast a number of new features including support for the SSE4 multimedia instruction set and VIA VT virtualization technology.

Fully compatible with all Microsoft operating systems, including the new Windows 7, as well as all popular Linux distributions, the VIA Nano 3000 Series processors use the NanoBGA2 package, making them pin-to-pin compatible with VIA Nano 1000 Series, VIA Nano 2000 Series, VIA C7, VIA C7-M and VIA Eden processors for easy upgrades of existing designs.

VIA Nano 3000 Series Availability

VIA Nano 3000 Series processor samples are currently available for OEMs and motherboard vendors, and will enter mass production in Q1 2010.