Vespa Workstation encourages you to recycle your old gear

It's a great day when you find that though your old scooter has been busted beyond repair, you're able to turn it into a place where you can sit in the house comfortably and take a typing on your laptop without trouble. What a brilliant cut and sew artist and industrial designer has done here is to cut up a 1968 bright red Vespa and use it twice: once for the workstation, and once for another seat entirely. What this technological marvel consists of is nothing more than cutting apart and soldering back together!

Of course it's a bit more complicated than that, but the point of it is this: while the world is pushing you to buy new electronics, new automobiles, even new furniture, you have the option to use one piece and turn it into the other. This 1968 Vespa sprint had a lot of potential that its owner, known only as "Reinventing Wheels", brought out with a bit of spit polish and a whole lot of ingenuity.

So here's my question for you, ladies and gentlemen: when you're done with your old bit of technology and find that noone on eBay wants to buy it, what do you do? Look for the goodness that still exists within it, of course. What's an old Android device good for when you've moved on to a new smartphone? Connect to your Wi-fi and use it as a remote control! How about your old iPhone? It's an iPod Touch! That's just getting lazy though – get tough! Turn your old car into an entertainment center in your basement why don't you?

BONUS: as Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo says – this is a perfect time to say "ciao!"

[via Reinventing Wheels]