Vespa ET4 modded for speakers

With gas prices constantly on the rise it has many of us scouting out new methods to save money on gas. One option is to pick up a scooter, although I used to make fun of those that would ride one, everyday they are seeming smarter and smarter. Well the issue with a scooter is the lack of tunes, and you don't really want to wear headphones.

To put on headphones would cause a slight safety hazard since not all drivers are exactly accomodating to these slow little guys. Well avik posted a tutorial as to how to mod a Vespa ET4 to house a couple of speakers.

Apparently he discovered that his Vespa had a secret compartment behind the two knee pads. He also mentions that he has accesss to a 3D printer, and although he can't make parts for people, he can provide 3D files.

[via make]