Verizon's unsold KIN being returned today; websales frozen

If you were still harboring desires for a Microsoft KIN of your own, act fast.  According to two sources speaking to WMExperts, Verizon are freezing sales and sending back all remaining stock today, Sunday July 18th.  Having axed the feature-phone project – targeted at a "Generation Upload" teen market that didn't seem particularly inclined to either give up their regular "adult" smartphones or stomach overpriced data packages – it now looks like Microsoft are gathering up the unwanted remnants.

So, if you still see a KIN fitting into your life somehow – and we do still have a soft spot for the dinky form-factor of the KIN One – then probably best to head down to your nearest Verizon store first thing and catch them before they get busy with the packing tape.  A quick check of Verizon's own site shows the listings for the two handsets are still present, but clicking on them prompts the warning that neither is "available at this time".