Microsoft KIN Officially Canned by Microsoft

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devices, both the Kin One and Kin Two, weren't the best on the market. However, while the main draw might not have been the hardware, or even its features, the big strike against the devices was that the data plan that was forcefully applied to them was simply too high. And, when you look at the review from

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, you can see where Microsoft may have missed the mark. All of those factors could have combined to deal a death blow to the KIN, because Microsoft has announced that the KIN lineage is dead.

"We have made the decision to focus exclusively on Windows Phone 7 and we will not ship Kin in Europe this fall as planned. Additionally, we are integrating our Kin team with the Windows Phone 7 team, incorporating valuable ideas and technologies from Kin into future Windows Phone releases. We will continue to work with Verizon in the U.S. to sell current KIN phones."

While it may make sense that Microsoft would want to focus on Windows Phone 7, it's one of those things that maybe they should have done before the launch of the Kin devices. Whether or not one can consider this a failed experiment or not is probably up to personal opinion, but if this means that Microsoft is putting the full weight of R&D behind Windows Phone 7, then we're all for it.