Verizon XyBoard 4G LTE tablets confirmed for December

If you were expecting the next tablet that hit Verizon in the US from Motorola to be called the Xoom 2 you are out of luck. The tablet will be called the XyBoard when it hits the states in two models. Both the larger tablet known as the Xoom 2 in the UK and the smaller Media Edition will carry the Droid XyBoard brand. I suspect when said in marketing speak the name will sound like "cyborg." We spied some leaked pics of the XyBoard last month.

Both of these tablets will launch by the end of 2011, meaning any time now. They will both have LTE connectivity inside. Pricing for the states hasn't been offered officially yet. Leaks peg the 16GB media Edition at $429 and the larger 64GB tablet could be as much as $729. You will undoubtedly be tied to Verizon for the term of a two-year data plan for any of the tablets.

We know the hardware insides already with all of the tablets having a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. The displays are expected to have a resolution of 1280 x 800. We figure with the Droid XyBoard being the Verizon name for the tablet you might find these things with a different name on other carriers eventually.

[via Android Community]