Verizon XLTE goes live as AWS spectrum put to use

Verizon has turned on its 700MHz AWS spectrum LTE service, branding its new 4G offering XLTE and promising at least double the bandwidth in high-traffic areas, as well as faster data speeds. The new AWS support requires devices that support the band – the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC One M8 all do – though Verizon argues that all customers should see some improvement in their service.

That, Verizon suggests, is because those with AWS-compatible phones will move over onto the new spectrum, leaving the existing bandwidth for those yet to upgrade.

However, just about every new device on Verizon's shelves is XLTE-compatible, the carrier points out, so it's only legacy customers who will encounter AWS compatibility issues. Only around 35-percent of existing devices out there are AWS-ready.

What XLTE isn't is "5G", the next-gen connectivity carriers are already whispering about. That's still some way off in the US, though UK carriers are looking to a tentative 2022 launch.

XLTE service should kick in automatically on compatible phones and tablets, when Verizon subscribers are in a supported area. The launch list of those areas is below.

SOURCE Verizon