Verizon Wireless Offers Jawbone Icon Free With Select Phones Today

The Turkey is eaten and the pies are gone, that means Black Friday is here and retail workers all across the country are besieged with people trying to save money on stuff they don't need. Verizon Wireless has announced a special deal for today with certain mobile devices that will give you a free Bluetooth headset that is one of the better offerings on the market.

Verizon Wireless will give you a Jawbone Icon Hero headset for free with the purchase of select phones. That headset normally sells for $99 at Verizon. We reviewed the Icon a while back and ended up liking the thing pretty well.

In its infinite wisdom, Verizon has not offered details on exactly what phones come with the free Icon headset. A quick perusal of their website didn't reveal any other details either. I guess you have to go into the store to see which phones qualify for the free headset.