Verizon wireless Home Internet trial isn't waiting for 5G

This week Verizon expanded home internet availability to several new rural areas inside the United States. Added to the mix were broadband Internet service with Verizon's 4G LTE network in TN/VA/KY, Springfield, MO, and Savannah, GA. This expanded system works with what Verizon describes as "easy self-setup" and unlimited data.

Users in these newly opened areas will be able to get wireless Home Internet for $40 a month (for current Verizon wireless customers). If you're a non-Verizon wireless customer, pricing starts at $60 a month. That includes "unlimited data" with data speeds (download speeds) of 25 Mbps "with peaks up to 50 Mbps."

This system works with an "easy-to-install" LTE Home router that'll cost you $10 with a device payment plan. That's assuming you've already got a Verizon mobile plan of $30 or more already on the books.

The release of this expanded 4G LTE home internet network coverage area has no mention of 5G in its official press release. Verizon's certainly not giving up on 5G connectivity spread – but it's just as important to continue to expand coverage for all users with the best-available tech at any given time, especially right this minute.

"With LTE Home Internet, our most awarded 4G LTE network will provide Internet connectivity for customers in more rural parts of America who may not have access to broadband Internet service – a critical need, especially now, when so many are counting on reliable connectivity for remote work and educational needs," said Frank Boulben, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing and Products at Verizon.

Take a peek at the timeline of links below for more information on how Verizon's expanding home internet with 5G connectivity in other regions of the United States. The faster, the better, unless there's only 4G LTE, in which case – any internet is better than no internet!