Verizon Tour, T-Mobile Dash 3G or Sprint Snap?

How you answer whether to buy a Verizon Tour, T-Mobile Dash 3G or Sprint Snap smartphone actually depend on which carrier you're current on, or if you're willing to switch. Switching carrier for any phone is a drastic move unless you're moving to an iPhone 3GS.

I recently reviewed the Verizon Tour, T-Mobile Dash 3G and the Sprint Snap (no formal review written yet for the Snap). All three smartphones get the job done. The Tour is a solid smartphone made by BlackBerry, which is the best of all worlds if you love the Curve's form-factor but want a more grown up professional feel of the Bold. Where as the T-Mobile Dash 3G is slightly slimmer than the Tour and Snap, it does lower display resolution and runs an outdated OS-Windows Mobile. With that being said, it's very speedy nonetheless. The Sprint Snap, a long lost brother of the Dash 3G is ugly in comparison, chubbier and feels cheaper. If you're on Sprint, you have no business buying the Snap when the Palm Pre is available and far more superior in every respect.

Finally, if you have cash to burn and do not care for Windows Mobile, webOS or BlackBerry, there's an alternative (if you're on AT&T or T-Mobile) – the Nokia N97. It's priced at $700 unlocked/unsubsidized and can be purchased through Nokia website. Keep in mind that these aren't all the phones coming out over the next few months so you still have options if you're willing to wait a little longer. For instance, T-Mobile is also releasing the myTouch 3G and HTC recently unveiled the Hero. Both devices are powered by Android OS.

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