Verizon ThunderBolt inductive charging kit incoming

Chris Davies - Apr 21, 2011
Verizon ThunderBolt inductive charging kit incoming

We loved the Verizon ThunderBolt by HTC’s LTE speed, but hated the fact that, at full throttle, the smartphone could drain its battery in under four hours. Happily it seems easier ways to top up your charge are fast incoming: GottaBeMobile spotted a replacement Inductive Battery Cover for the ThunderBolt listed on the carrier’s site.

As with previous inductive charging systems we’ve seen, the new cover will allow the ThunderBolt to rejuice its battery whenever it’s placed down on a wireless docking plate. Probably the best known device to use this kind of tech is the Palm Pre and subsequent Palm/HP webOS handsets, which use a Touchstone charger to avoid plugging in a regular wired AC adapter.

With no technical details it’s hard to know what system exactly Verizon and HTC are using. Meanwhile availability is also unclear; at the moment the “buy now” button does nothing, and there’s no word from the company as to when it might go on sale.

[via Android Community]

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