Verizon prepaid play gets serious with ALLSET PLANS

Chris Burns - Mar 3, 2014
Verizon prepaid play gets serious with ALLSET PLANS

This week Verizon is stepping up with devices like the Moto G in a prepaid play they’re calling ALLSET PLANS. As the market expands with low-cost, high-quality devices this season, Verizon has decided to make a play for this often-disregarded ecosystem. Working with new plans for each different kind of device, Verizon isn’t going to let the off-contract world leave without them.

There are a number of different plans offered up by Verizon in this ALLSET PLAN collection, starting with a $45/mo plan for smartphones. This most basic plan allows you to work with unlimited text and talk as well as 500MB of data, this allowance expiring at the end of every month. Meanwhile Verizon is bringing in an additional data allowance program called “Bridge Data”.

If 500MB of data isn’t enough for you per month, you can pay $5, $10, or $20 extra per month for 500MB, 1GB, or 3GB respectively. That’s an additional amount of data for 30 days, 90 days, or 90 days respectively. In other words – if you pay $45 + $5, you’ll get 1GB of data instead of 500MB, and 500MB of that data will be part of this Bridge Data program which allows you to keep this data in reserve until you need it.

So suppose you’ve started this plan and you’re already 20 days in, but you’ve used 450MB of data. Paying an additional $5 will bring you 500MB more, this data able to be filtered over into your next month of usage as well. Meanwhile if you, for example, are paying the $45 per month in the first place plus $10 for the extra 1GB, you’ve got 90 days before it expires. You’ll go through your 500MB of data first, then your reserve (in Bridge Data) will begin being used until your second month begins, at which point you’ll go through your second allotment of 500MB before going back into Bridge data. Simple enough?

Meanwhile Verizon is extending ALLSET PLANS to “basic phones” starting at $35 per month for 500 “Anytime Minutes” and unlimited text as well as 500MB of data. There’s also a $45 per month plan for unlimited talk and text alongside 500MB of data as well. Bridge Data is also in effect for basic phones with the same prices and restrictions as smartphones.

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