Verizon Palm smartphone coming before the year or world ends

When was the last time you held a Palm in your hand? And, yes, we're talking about the device, not another person's (or your own) palm. If you were lucky, that would have been back in 2011 with the Palm Pre 2 pictured above. If you weren't lucky then, you could be lucky now. According to sources, the Palm is coming back this year as promised, like a blast from the past, it will be carried once again by Verizon, maybe even exclusively.

It's definitely a great time to make a comeback. Nokia is back in the news, even resurrecting old but loved dumb phones. UK's Psion is being reborn through crowdfunding, just like other nostalgia attempts. Maybe that's what gave TCL, which is keeping the BlackBerry brand on life support, the courage to push through with its promise to raise Palm from the dead.

But what would a Palm in late 2018 be like? There will definitely be a lot of changes. It won't for example, come with the Palm-made webOS. When TCL acquired the Palm brand from HP in 2015, webOS wasn't part of the package. That was already bought by LG two years prior and LG doesn't seem to have any plans to bring it back to phones.

That new old Palm could be a slider. TCL is an expert with sliders and QWERTYs by now. Not that they have actually been big sellers. It would be deliciously ironic, though, if TCL brought out a Palm with a classic design, at a time when buttons and bezels have been evicted from the front of phones.

In other words, we're probably looking at a more conventional Android-powered smartphone, with the Palm, and Verizon, brand slapped on. How it will distinguish itself from the dozens of Android phones in the market, we're definitely curious to see.

VIA: Android Police