Verizon Palm Pre plans scrapped?

Since the Palm Pre was revealed to be – in its first incarnation – a CDMA handset, Verizon subscribers have wondered when (or even if) it might arrive on their network of choice.  Despite leaks back in August suggesting that the handset was lining up to appear as soon as Sprint's exclusivity agreement expired, the latest talk is that Verizon have decided not to support the Pre.  While Palm and the carrier themselves have refused to comment, sources close to the negotiations suggest that Verizon's focus on RIM and Motorola's upcoming Android handset for the network have left them with little room for the Pre and webOS.

The sources also suggest that Verizon's VCast application and mobile media download system has caused arguments, being in competition with the webOS app store.  Finally, sales of the Pre have not been the turnaround success many hoped they might be, leaving Verizon unclear on the cost benefit of supporting and marketing the smartphone.

One final ray of hope for would-be Pre buyers sticking with Verizon is that the sources have suggested that the carrier might pick up a small number of handsets, and then offer them with little marketing.  That, at least, would give subscribers the option, and keep turning the screws on CDMA rival Sprint.