Verizon offers first US roaming coverage in Cuba

No, this isn't how Cuba is planning to improve its Internet accessibility. Taking advantage of the new found political relationship between the two countries, US carriers are starting to set their eyes on the country, opening the doors for better communication, both across countries and when within the Cuba. In this vein, Verizon is announcing its latest achievement, which is becoming the first US wireless company to offer roaming services in the previously isolated nation, boosting not only Verizon's territories but potentially also makes it for Americans to visit the country.

The new period of political amicability between the S and Cuba has some wireless carriers scrambling to add the latter to their list of covered countries. In April, Boost Mobile announced an addition to their prepaid offers that lets those in the US easily, but not cheaply, call their friends or relatives in Cuba.

Verizon's new scheme, on the other hand, encourages its subscribers in the US to go and explore Cuba for themselves. With the opt-in Pay-As-You-Go International Travel option, visitors to the country can have the peace of mind of network coverage, at only $2.99 per minute of voice calls and $2.05 per megabyte of data.

Cuba is just the latest dot to be added to Verizon's growing list of roaming territories, now spanning more than 225 countries. Carriers have been scrambling to provide more accessible roaming plans as the world becomes a smaller place, both digitally and socially, and previous pricing schemes no longer hold value for customers.