Verizon: no Apple support “in the immediate future” [Video]

Chris Davies - Jun 3, 2010
Verizon: no Apple support “in the immediate future” [Video]

On the one hand you’ve got the persistent rumors that Verizon is looking to pick up the iPhone and are even testing the iPad right now; on the other you’ve got the carrier’s constant protests.  Speaking at D8, Verizon spokesperson John Johnson told Beet.TV that the carrier has no plans for supporting Apple’s devices “in the immediate future” and then segues quickly into pushing their Android phones.

As for what Johnson – and Verizon – are looking at for the future of mobile devices, the focus is perhaps unsurprisingly on video, buoyed by the carrier’s expected roll-out of 4G LTE in 25 to 30 markets this year.  Initially the focus will be on modems and integrated wireless chipsets for notebooks, but 4G handsets will follow after that.

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