Apple iPad Being Tested on Verizon Network

Evan Selleck - Jun 2, 2010, 11:23 am CDT
Apple iPad Being Tested on Verizon Network

When it comes to Apple and Verizon Wireless, there’s definitely no shortage of rumors. And, while the mainstay of those rumors has been the iPhone since 2007, the official launch of the smartphone from Cupertino, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that rumors have begun to pick up for the new tablet from Steve Jobs and company. And, sure enough, rumors are picking up that the iPad is currently being tested on the largest wireless carrier in the States right now.

The rumor’s coming from a trusted source talking directly to Boy Genius Report, who says that the CDMA variant of the magical and revolutionary iPad is currently being tested on Verizon’s network. The source also made mention of LTE in some capacity or another, but BGR points out that they were not able to verify this part of the rumor on their own. But, if an LTE-based model does exist, it would probably come out later, after whatever it is Apple is working on now.

A Verizon Wireless iPad probably wouldn’t make the scene until the end of the year, which would also correlate to when those Verizon iPhone rumors suggest the smaller device would ship, too. That would mean there would be two data-intensive devices hitting the wireless network simultaneously. We’ll go ahead and suggest that this would be pretty much catastrophic to Verizon’s network, and hopefully everyone even remotely close to these rumored projects has thought about that extensively.

[via Boy Genius Report]

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