Verizon Moto S "Shamu" display cover hints front speakers

While we already have a date for Motorola's next batch of devices, one device still remains mostly a mystery. The Motorola "Shamu", believed to be the next Nexus device remains outside our grasp, but this latest leak brings a few more pieces of information, including what may be a shift in the front facing design.

All of this coming from a display cover, the sticky protective sheet that comes with fresh new devices. First, the cover is clearly marked for a certain "Moto S", which falls in line with Motorola's recent naming scheme. This could also be the name of Shamu exclusive to Verizon, or perhaps for other carriers as well. Surely, the Nexus variant will have a different name, though unlikely to be a "Nexus S" since that is already taken. Whether or not it is called Nexus 6, in chronological fashion, or something else based on its size, is still something left to be seen. There is also one other speculation: this could very well be the first device under the Android Silver program, considering it is rumored to share the same high-end specs as the Nexus 6 "Shamu" but might also be a carrier exclusive.

The cover also hints at a new design. Dual front facing speakers ala HTC One, though not as wide. Currently, the speakers sit at the bottom of the Nexus 5, in line with most other smartphones. There are benefits to having both speakers in front, however, especially when it comes blasting audio in your direction when watching a video instead of away from you (back) or in one direction (not the boy band).

And view videos on this thing you will, especially given the luscious sounding 5.2-inch 2560x1440 2K display believed to top this smartphone. The 2.6 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and 3 GB of RAM don't hurt either, especially when it comes to more number-crunching, resource intensive activities like gaming. The 13 megapixel rear camera, with its ability to shoot 4K videos, will also make it an enticing device for digital photography fans.

Considering this would be associated with the Nexus 6, which, in turn, is expected to arrive with Android L, we won't expect to see the actual launch of the device until much later this year. That said, we do hope to catch some glimpse or whiff of this Moto S next month at IFA 2014 in Berlin.

VIA: Android Community, TK Tech News