Verizon MORE Everything cranks T-Mobile challenge (with an Edge proviso)

Chris Davies - Feb 13, 2014, 10:39 am CST
Verizon MORE Everything cranks T-Mobile challenge (with an Edge proviso)

Verizon‘s latest phone plans have been revealed, MORE Everything, boosting bundled data and throwing in cloud storage, though the best deals require subscribers to also sign up to Verizon Edge. The plans, which replace Verizon’s existing Share Everything tariffs and can be shared among up to ten devices, promise as much as double the data as before – albeit only for those who have been on the lower data tiers so far – and 25GB of cloud storage, in addition to international messaging also being thrown in.

Plans range between 250MB and 50GB of data per month, priced at $55 for 250MB, $70 for 500MB, $80 for 1GB, and $90 for 2GB. There’s also a 3GB plan for $100, and 4GB for $110; all of the plans include unlimited talk and text on a smartphone, though those with a basic phone can get line access on a 700 minuted shared plan for $10 less.

However, Verizon is also looking to push its Edge payments scheme for devices, with the promise of a $10 monthly cut on plan charges (on tariffs up to 8GB; $20 off any higher plans) for those willing to opt into the early-upgrades program.

Adding a tablet to a MORE Everything plan costs $10 per month, and a “connected device” like a 4G camera is $5 per month. A USB modem is $20 per month, and each subsequent smartphone is $40.

Data overage costs are $15 per 1GB on the 1GB or above plans; on the 250MB plan, it’s $15 per 200MB, while on the 500MB plan it’s $15 per 500MB.

Those already on Share Everything plans will automatically be moved to a MORE Everything plan, Verizon says, and the tariffs will be offered to regular and small business customers from today. It’s clearly a push back at the recent cellphone plan shakeup initiated by T-Mobile; if the upstart “Uncarrier” is true to form, it’s only a matter of time before it weighs in with its opinion of Verizon’s changes.

VIA Android Community

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