Verizon LTE Innovation Center Announced, Press Invited

Whenever a group like Verizon decides to build a building around their product, we've got to pay attention because when you build a building around a product, you think it's certainly going to be worth protecting. That said, while Verizon's version of LTE 4G may be one of the greatest national treasures the United States currently has to offer, there's just GOT to be some other sorts of impressive devices inside a whole Innovation Center, wouldn't you think? That's what we're thinking about this invite for a fun day in Waltham as sent to us by Verizon.

Think with me here if you will about the possibilities of such a center – what could be so impressive about the bright red and black and white brand's super-speedy connections that they'd set up a center for it? Perhaps to entice those manufacturers hoping to put their best devices on what they perceive to be the most well-received carrier in the United States. Perhaps they've got a monster in there, on the other hand, one so impressive that they just HAD to build a monstrous building around it.

What do you think?

That said, if you live in Waltham Massachusetts, and you've got a camera, and you just happen to know where this Innovation Center might be situated, send us a photo! Or if you know of an awesome Verizon store in the area that's carrying some really awesome devices that noone knows about, take a photo of that and send it in too! Why the heck not? Meanwhile we'll just have to wait until July 12 to find out all of Verizon's super-speed secrets!