Verizon iPhones Unlocked, Carried by Cricket

Oh YouTube, you've got the strangest and most wonderful things crawling around your innards. Today we've got a look at what appears to be a Verizon iPhone 4 which, just like it's AT&T buddy, is both capable of being unlocked and has successfully been switched over to a different carrier. In this case it's the cutest carriers, Cricket. The proof is in the pudding as the user dials CDMA programming number *228 showing the real truth behind that lovely little display. Good guts!

This of course rings up as a jailbroken phone, one hacked by an intrepid believer in the idea that iPhones only truly reach their potential once they've been busted open and carried by whichever phone service provider they wish. This one has successfully gotten through the process without being bricked, and can now be used on whichever network its owner so chooses. Of course, once you've gotten this far, you'll be wondering if you're really get 3G speeds and might not be able to work MMS, as Technologizer speculates, but heck , who cares, there's all kinds of apps to solve your problems once you're jailbroken, right? Such is the freedom of open development and 3rd party apps?

Before you do something like this on your own, you'd be best to hang out at, for example, your local Cricket store, asking if the process will allow you to have them give you some service on their network. If they say they've got no idea what you're talking about, wink at them a little bit, and ask again. If they ask you to leave, probably this isn't the process for you. On the other hand, there are always ways of doing extraordinary things when it comes to smart devices these days, so although the risk for you is hundreds of dollars, you know you've got the option if you've got the ability. What do you think?

Does it seem worth it?

BONUS: so cute!

[via YouTube]