Verizon iPhone Commercial Strikes AT&T with Heavy Sarcasm

That's sarcasm, right? The fellow in this commercial is making fun of AT&T by having their official Verizon guy smile very deviously. Before that though, it's the ever so slightly different Verizon iPhone flying through the air, displaying it's loveliness. Then the voice from the Verizon god speaks. It's like the sound of an oncoming storm, like we're in an arena and the gladiators have arrived!

Verizon god's voice speaks:

"It's beautiful."

"It's intelligent."


"But does your network, work?"

The phone stops at this point and begins to ring. A hand reaches out, unlocks it, pulls it up to its body's face, and ahhh! It's Verizon Man.

"Yes. I can hear you now."

Oh snap, AT&T, you just got served. As TechCrunch mentions, Apple definitely had to have signed off on this commercial before Verizon released it. Does this mean Apple wants the war between these two titans to turn into a total all-out earth-shattering universe destroyer? Or does Apple just like a good feud? Take a peek at this commercial and grab a quick giggle.

[Via Verizon Wireless YouTube]