Verizon iPhone 4 moved buttons means AT&T bumpers won't fit

According to Verizon the physical changes between their new CDMA iPhone 4 and the original AT&T iPhone 4 basically amount to the new CDMA radio. However, we've spotted another potential headache for those looking to switch between the AT&T handset and the new Verizon version: the ringer mute switch and volume buttons have been moved, meaning AT&T iPhone 4 bumpers won't fit on the Verizon handset.

The change in layout is to accomodate the new antenna design, which has seen a new notch appear just above the side controls for ringer and volume up/down. Apple's official Bumper case – which the company gave out free to iPhone 4 users complaining about the so-called antennagate issue – has a hole cut out for the switch, but that doesn't line up properly with the new Verizon model.

What that means is that, despite the two new phones being almost identical outwardly, users crossing over from AT&T to Verizon will not only have to pick up a new handset but new bumper cases and skins. That's going to frustrate a lot of people, certainly, and potentially cause an accessory bottleneck in the early days of the Verizon iPhone 4's availability from February.

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