Verizon Gifts Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers with a Replacement iPhone 4

Chris Burns - Feb 10, 2011
Verizon Gifts Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers with a Replacement iPhone 4

Earlier today, Superbowl winning Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers sent out a tweet complaining about his terrible iPhone connection, saying that he’d like to call in to the sports radio talk segment the Jim Rome show, but couldn’t because he kept hearing voices. Not the voices of ghosts, mind you, but of his AT&T iPhone which he said kept telling him “I will drop ur call.” Someone over at Verizon wireless who has a good eye for opportunity has just replied a few minutes ago with an offer for Rodgers that appears to be no less than a free Verizon iPhone 4.

This all began a couple of weeks ago when Aaron Rodgers was asked to do a phone interview with the Jim Rome show, only to be cut off by a terrible connection more than once. A transcript of a couple of the more important interactions:

ROME: “I’m going to give it a shot. Same phone, same deal. I’m going to hope for the best. We go back to it. Aaron Rodgers joins me once again. Aaron, sorry about that. The connection wasn’t good. Good to have you back though. Thanks.”

RODGERS: “Yeah, you bet, man. I love the iPhone, but sometimes AT&T doesn’t work around here.”

ROME: “That’s the truth. Around here also…”

A few moments later:
RODGERS: (Unintelligible)

ROME: “Aaron, my man, I just can’t do it. I hate that. AT&T and the iPhone. Too bad it hasn’t come to Verizon yet, but that’s February 10th. Great phone, spotty service. AT&T, thanks for nothing. Hate that. You got a guy coming off the best game of his career in demand, tough to get the interview, commits to it, probably in a place where it’s got to be a cell phone shot. iPhone. I mean, you got apps. But what good is it if we can’t do a freaking interview? Yeah, but the apps are great. Yeah, it’s great if you can use it as a phone. iPhone, not iApps. And I’m not here to crack you iPhone users, don’t freak out on that, I’ve got one. That’s why I don’t use it as much as my Verizon BlackBerry. Big drag. We’ll try to re-establish that with another phone or if not, what are you going to do? Guy made time for it. Tried to do it. We’ll see if maybe we can still turn that around.”

Immediately after this, the tweets started rolling out, and it began to look rather bleak for AT&T at the same time as it started to look like one heck of a free commercial for Verizon:

Jim Rome continued the show with a reading of an email, and suddenly the show was very much about AT&T’s coverage with their version of the iPhone. The email Rome read: “Hey, Jim, I agree completely about iPhones. I was on a call with one about a month ago. I could not hear a word the guy was saying, signed Joe Pa.”

Today, the story took another interesting turn. Aaron Rodgers tweeted his wish to call in to the Jim Rome Show again, saying that he was afraid as his iPhone warned him of the inevitable:

This alerted Verizon to the continuing situation, and they immediately took action with their fabulous free phone machine, appearing to offer Rodgers a brand new iPhone 4 from their recently released collection:

What can we learn from all this? Perhaps just make sure to have excellent service, especially when your device is in the hands of celebrities and sports icons.

One bad call can go a long way.

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