Verizon Ellipsis device may share voice and data to everyone around you

There's a device in development here at the tail end of 2013 by the name of Ellipsis, and its early appearance in patent applications suggest that it'll aim to change the way users work with data. With the description as a "wireless telecommunications device featuring transmission of voice, data, image and video", Verizon's Ellipsis device will likely take a form not unlike that of a mobile data hotspot. This device, though, may be the physical embodiment of a shared data, voice, and text plan.

So you've got your Verizon Jetpack ready to carry your data connection around with you wherever you go. It's just as likely you're using your smartphone for this purpose as many users turn on their mobile hotspot function.

But what about a device that does the same thing for voice and text messages? What if there were a device (called Ellipsis) made to filter all of the phone (or tablet) abilities you use on a normal day through a single conduit? Would that make your daily smart device action easier, or would it feel like more of a burden with another machine to carry?

It'd certainly make things a lot easier on Verizon – one bill, one payment, one device to charge a customer for. But therein lies another problem – Verizon (and many other carriers) make a lot of cash from tacking on additional devices to the same shared data plan. We must assume this Ellipsis device would also be able to rack up the connections as costs, too.

There's also a trademark appearing earlier this month for an Ellipsis 7. This device was filed under a wireless telecom device, tablet computer, and a device that "establishes a local, wireless network." That's essentially a tablet that does the same thing as the original Ellipsis (if there are indeed two different devices), but also transmits video through a display.

The Ellipsis 7 trademark was filed with Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer Quanta Corp., a group that also works with an LTE module carried in Verizon devices. This embedded LI170 LTE LGA module brings on wireless connectivity with "low power consumption" to boot.

VIA: Fierce Cable