Verizon debuts new XXL plan with 18GB of data per month

It was just over a month ago when Verizon announced it was moving away from contracts with phone subsidies and instead shifting to plans with straightforward prices and data caps. The four plans come in S, M, L, and XL sizes, offering between 1GB and 12GB of data. Verizon has just added a fifth option for those who still weren't getting enough data, the XXL plan with 18GB of data for $100 per month.

Verizon users who find this new option appealing should jump on it right away, however, as the carrier has said that XXL will be a limited time offer. By comparison, the XL plan is $80/month with 12GB of data. The other consist of S with 1GB of data for $30/month, M with 3GB for $45/month, and L with 6GB for $60/month.

The data tier is likely a reaction to AT&T's new data plans from August, which offer a similar breakdown of pricing and allotments. AT&T's top two options are 15GB for $100/month and 20GB for $140/month. Verizon's new plan now offers more data for the same price, and comes close to matching AT&T's largest plan.

In the end it all comes out to be roughly the same. AT&T's monthly smartphone fee is $15 while Verizon's is $20, and both charge $15 in an overage fee for each gigabyte of data over the monthly limit.

SOURCE Verizon