Verizon Cloud storage now available for Android

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 29, 2013
Verizon Cloud storage now available for Android

Verizon has rolled out the Android app version of its online storage solution called Verizon Cloud, which isn’t a terribly original name but gets the main point of the service across. With Verizon Cloud, customers can do the same thing they’ve likely been doing with Dropbox and similar services already – upload and store content in the cloud, ensuring that it is always there even if the smartphone ends up lost or needs to be wiped.

Verizon says the service will be rolled out to its customers in the coming weeks, but those running Android can head over to the Google Play Store and grab the app now. Those with an iPhone will have to wait for the iOS app, which is said to be “following soon,” although a specific date wasn’t provided. Once the Apple-centric app rolls out, those who own devices running both mobile operating systems will be able to upload and access their content using the service from both devices.

The carrier says it plans to have other mobile operating systems supported later this year. A total of 125GB of data can be stored using the service, with customers getting the first paltry 500MB of that data for free. That changes after the limit is hit, with users needing to switch to a for-pay subscription that is charged monthly for the duration in which the data is stored.

For $2.99 a month, users can upload up to 25GB of data, with the price increasing a tad from there to $5.99 monthly for 75GB and $9.99 per month for 125GB. Once the 125GB of data is hit, users will have to look elsewhere for their cloud storage needs. The Verizon Cloud app is available for smartphones running Android 2.2 and higher, and is currently sitting at version 13.2.5.

[via Verizon Wireless]

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