Verizon CEO canceling keynote appearance at CES

Well, what's up with this, Verizon? The chief executive of the largest telecom carrier in the nation has apparently just abruptly canceled his appearance in a keynote panel at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, according to company reports. Verizon stated that a conflicting change in schedule is preventing CEO Lowell McAdam from attending the Las Vegas-based technology conference this month, the company confirmed this to Reuters.

Verizon Wireless spokesman Peter Thonis did not give out further information about the matter, but claimed that the company was indeed on an endeavor to send another executive in CEO MacAdam's place at the technology conference, coming up next week. Well, what's up with this? First, Microsoft announcing that they would no longer be participating after CES 2012, now Verizon's head is backing out.

It's surprising that Verizon is taking this course of action with their chief executive, especially considering the high-profile importance of the Consumer Electronics Show. SlashGear readers, do you have any input in this? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.