Verizon backtracks on HTC One refusal

This week it appears that Verizon has joined the HTC One party with no less than a full release coming on just after the rest of the major carriers in the USA. The big deal here (we've confirmed with a person close to the situation) is that Verizon will be releasing the HTC One AS the HTC One. Unlike previous releases with HTC where the product's name is changed to fit with a Verizon-specific brand (DROID DNA, for example), the HTC One will be released "as is."

This news is being pushed to us by a trusted source and has been independently confirmed to AllThingsD this afternoon. The release date for this device on the 4G LTE-toting big red carrier will be some time in the months after the release on each of the next three biggest carriers in the USA. That places the release at a time when the Galaxy S4 is already on the market – we'll know more on that tomorrow night, mind you.

The HTC One has been receiving some rather significant thumbs up across the board thus far with reviews pouring in from the top sites saying they've never seen an HTC device quite so excellent before. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor under the hood, this device is one of – if not THE – most powerful smartphone on the market today, and, as you'll see in our review when you wish – it's not just the motor that makes this beast purr.

Have a peek at our timeline of HTC One features and hands-on experiences as you get pumped up for the Verizon version in a few months – or sooner, we might be inclined to hope. You can peek at [our full HTC One review] now and see how this device is set to take on all competitors in the near future. And how it'll change the way you capture media today!