Verizon Ad Leaks Look At Pantech And LG LTE Modems

If you'll remember back on October 6th of this year, Verizon sent out a press release noting their plans for hitting the smartphone market in the face with a big push for LTE (Long Term Evolution) – a standard in mobile network technology that's very similar (though not the same!) as true IMT Advanced 4G. What the modems in this photographed advertisement represent (even though they're called 4G here) is one of Verizon's first steps toward their 38 city LTE release.

What this ad shows is two LTE USB modems: the LG VL600 and Pantech UML290. As Engadget notes, the VL600 is a dual-mode CMDA / LTE modem with the ability to work anywhere that Verizon has coverage (of course) while the UML290 has what the ad calls "Global Capability coming soon!" I will be using mine at the TOP of a MOUNTAIN.

[Via Engadet]