Verizon 2-for-1 BlackBerry offer kicks off again

Chris Davies - Aug 14, 2009
Verizon 2-for-1 BlackBerry offer kicks off again

Considering picking up a BlackBerry or two?  Like Verizon?  Well you’re in luck; Verizon are kicking off their “Buy One, Get One” promotion, and unlike last year they’re apparently opening up the deal to cover not only a second BlackBerry but a netbook, PC card, USB modem or MiFi.

Choose carefully, because – like with all of these promotions – you’re getting the cheapest item free, not whichever you put down second on your shopping list.  It’s also rebate-based, so be prepared to shell out for both devices and then wait by the mailbox for your check to come through.

According to the sources, the promotion will kick off today and run through until October 10th.  If you’re not in the mood for two new Verizon contracts, however, you may want to hang around and see what the carrier uses those freshly-emptied shelves for.  BlackBerry Storm 2, anybody?

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