Verismo PoD multi-format video streaming

If Roku's Netflix Player caught your eye, but you're not entirely keen on being tied into just the one online media provider, as of the Summer you should have at least one more $99 option.  Verismo Networks have been demonstrating the PoD, a router-like box that hooks up to your broadband connection and then streams pretty much any video format in common use.  That means big-screen viewing of YouTube and other Flash videos, as well as Microsoft DRM-encrypted content such as Amazon Unbox and CinemaNow.Check out the Verismo PoD demo video after the cut 

Verismo claim to have deals with YouTube and BitTorrent that will ensure their content is available to PoD users, and there's search functionality for finding other online media.  YouTube will even be promoting the device to its users.  According to company CTO and co-founder Vijay Maheshwari, Verismo are looking to work with other media providers, as well as – like with the streaming Netflix technology – explore integrating PoD into TVs.

While final specifications aren't decided upon yet, what we do know is that there'll be a number of USB ports for playing back video from flash memory keys, together with HDMI and/or S-Video.  It comes with a basic remote control (and the GUI is already pretty well polished, going by the video) but will also play nicely with wireless remotes such as Logitech's DiNovo

[via NewTeeVee]