Verbatim Announces Home Network Box MediaShare Mini

This is what you're going to want if you want to have Netflix streaming content to your television and you basically have no idea how to do that. This is Verbatim's MediaShare Mini network box, and it's made for basically just that: allowing users to connect TVs and/or computers to stream multimedia content OR use connected USB drives to play local files (if you're a downloading sort of person.) You get a browser based interface to run the media hub, the box supporting as many as four connected drives.

Once connected, any computer on the home network can get to and access the files, as can remote Internet connected computers. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, viewed, and managed from any remote location. Connectors can also set up a sharing option (this is a right reserved for those connected directly) and sent albums to one another or post content on Facebook.

Supported devices include Playstation 3, Xbox 360, DLNA compliant devices, plus iPad, iPhone, Blackberry devices, and webOS devices such as the Palm Pre. And what's the best part of this whole situation? I bet you can guess: the price, at right around $90. Shipping now.

[Via iPodNN]