Valve Releases Steam Greenlight Update, Brings With It A Handful Of Improvements

Valve has rolled out an update to Steam Greenlight, bringing with it a handful of improvements based on requests and feedback from users. The improvements are primarily for users, but developers are also tossed a bone with a new stats feature. Among the other improvements is the ability to better organize and discover titles in your queue.

First up is the new "Ask me again later" feature, which allows users to skip a title, which will disappear for one month, then reappear for you to reconsider. If you change your mind about it before the month is up, you can pull up the title via the new menu "Items to Revisit Later," where it will be nestled waiting for you. For developers, statistics have been added that allows monitoring of item views, votes, and things relevant to both.

Users now have the ability to follow items in addition to favoriting them. When an item is followed notifications will be provided to the user when its developer makes any new announcements. This feature makes it easier to keep tabs on things you like without manually checking various items periodically. With this update, items already favorited will be automatically followed.

Finally, users can also create a collection of titles, which now allow announcements from the user to those who are following the collection. Such a collection can be titles that are favorites, or can be titles in a specific category or trend. Likewise, users can follow other collections, and will receive updates if the collection's creator posts an announcement.

[via Steam Community]