Valentines Cards Gain Video Screens In Printing In Motion/Spreengs Joint Effort

This week the folks at Printing in Motion and their sister-company Spreengs are letting the world know that you may be seeing a very thin video screen in your Valentine's Day card thanks to them. In addition to adding very small screens to greetings cards, Printing in Motion works with groups like Mercedes to add displays to brochures for high-powered vehicles. Spreegs concentrates on the consumer end of the spectrum, making it their mission to create the greatest greeting cards on earth – all through a simple USB interface!

Founder and CEO/Chairman Anthony Kory spoke this week about the two services saying "we are all used to looking at videos, marketing information and more on a computer screen. It works, but we have lost the satisfying feeling of holding something in your hand." He continued, noting "we wanted to bring back that satisfaction by using technology in a very personal way." According to Kory, the reaction most often shown by users that open a card or brochure with their video technology inside is a mix of surprise and wonderment. They often exclaim that they didn't know such technology existed in the first place!

Above you'll see a presentation video made by PIM to show the options available with their service – high quality video and sound onboard. It's also clear that PIM is able to work with interactive buttons and implement their display solution on most any product – even inside a gift box! Below you'll find Spreengs, the sister-company of PIM, in business to offer up traditional greeting cards and invitations with this innovative thin screen solution.

Spreengs are "the first customizable video cards ever", so say the creators of this solution for your next-level invite or greeting. You've only to import video into your computer from your camera to your computer then transfer the video to the card you buy from Spreengs. This card can be re-charged and changed as many times as you want. You'll be getting a simpler card than you'd be able to get if you were a massive company working with PIM, but there it is – a lovely simple solution that's both easy and rather nice to work with!

This next-generation video solution will be shown at CeBIT here in 2013, and we'll be there too! Stay tuned for the March 5th through 9th set of CeBIT events to see the whole trade show straight from SlashGear in our lovely CeBit 2013 tag portal!